Question: Pleased write a program that allows your  computer program play the rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock game against  itself. Refer to for more  information. 
In  this problem, the program simulates two players who play against each  other. The play continues until one of the computer-generated players  wins 4 times. Solve the problem using a class called  “RockPaperScissorLizardSpock”. Feel free to use as many other classes as  needed to make proper use of OOP design.
The  program should use multiple threads to simulate “simultaneous play”,  just as in the real game itself. Use multi-threading / concurrency  techniques to simulate the actual game’s simultaneous play method where  both players throw their hand at the same time for each iteration of the  game and then determine who wins this play.
In  this game, in every iteration, two random integers are generated in the  range of [1 to 5] – 1 refers to Rock. 2 refers to Paper. 3 refers to  Scissors. 4 refers to Lizard. 5 refers to Spock. 
For  example, if the computer randomly generates integers 2 and 5 in the  first iteration, 2 is for the first player and 5 is for the second  player. 2 refers to Paper and 5 refers to Spock. Based on Rule 8 in the  following 10 rules, Paper (2) disproves Spock (5), so player 1 wins. 
Likewise,  continue the iterations until one player wins 4 times. All other  outcomes such as the “Spock vs. Spock” would be considered a draw. Also,  ensure that the play ends after a certain number of iterations. Use  custom Exceptions with try/catch and not accept any system error  message. 
rule 1: Scissor cut paper
rule 2: Paper covers rock
rule 3: Rock crushes lizard
rule 4: Lizard poisons Spock
rule 5: Spock smashes (or melts) scissor
rule 6: Scissor decapitate lizard
rule 7: Lizard eats paper
rule 8: Paper disproves Spock
rule 9: Spock vaporizes rock
rule 10: Rock breaks scissors


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