Journal Article Review Assignment Instructions
The most important channel for academic research is the peer-reviewed journal article. In a peer-reviewed journal article, a scholar will: 1) propose a research question; 2) demonstrate the importance of this research question through analysis of relevant literature; 3) introduce a study that will explore the research question; 4) detail and analyze the results of that study; 5) draw conclusions from that study.
Before an article of this kind is published, it will be reviewed by other scholars who have published their own studies in this field. Typically, the identities of the study’s author(s) are not shared with reviewers and vice versa; this is to ensure that work is published based on its own merits, rather than on the popularity or personal relationships of the author. 
Reviewers will critique every aspect of the study and provide anonymous feedback. Often this peer review process will require multiple refinements or revisions of the study. The goal of this process is to ensure that when the article is published, it addresses a relevant research question, it uses a sound methodological approach, it interprets data fairly and accurately, and it draws sound conclusions.
The goal of every scholar is to publish a peer-reviewed article. Before publishing a peer-reviewed article, though, it is important for the scholar to develop skill in reviewing and critically assessing such an article. That is the purpose of this assignment.
In this assignment you will submit a review and evaluation of a single article, relevant to your dissertation research interest, that has been published in the past five years in a peer-reviewed journal. In this Journal Article Review you will:
·  Identify the research question or central thesis of the article;
·  Explain the method used to support the claims of the article
o  State whether the method is quantitative or qualitative and give a brief explanation of the methodological approach.
o  State what data is collected. (For example: Is it a public opinion poll? An analysis of historical budget data? A forecast of future COVID infections? An explanation of congressional voting patterns by ideology?)
·  Explain and evaluate the conclusions drawn from the study
o  Assess whether the conclusions drawn by the article’s authors seem sound based on the data they present.
o  Identify any weaknesses or oversights of the article.
Your Journal Article Review assignment should be presented in current APA format. It should be at least four pages of content in length, not including your cover page. You do not need to include a works cited page as the only item you are expected to cite is the article you are reviewing. Instead, begin your first content page with the citation of the source you are reviewing, presented in current APA format.


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