Juvenile Deliquency Project: Predisposition Report
The primary purpose of the predisposition report is to provide the sentencing court with information upon which to base a rational sentencing decision. You are the probation officer who has been assigned to a specific case (for this project you will have an opportunity to select a case). You are required to submit a predisposition report to the trial judge. In accordance with the standards set forth by the American Probation and Parole Association, a full report should contain:1. A complete description of the offense and circumstances surrounding it.2. A full description of any prior criminal record of the offender.3. A description of the educational background of the offender.4. A description of the employment background of the offender, including present employment status, financial status and capabilities.5. The social history of the offender, including family relationships, peers/gang activity, interests and activities, residence history and religious affiliations.6. The offender’s drug usage history, if applicable.7. The offender’s medical history and, if desirable, a psychological or psychiatric report.8. Information about environments to which the offender might return or to which he could be sent should probation be granted.9. Supplementary reports from clinics, institutions and other social agencies with which the offender has been involved.10. Sentencing Options and Sentence Recommendation11. Correctional Plan with Rationale. It should be a condition of every recommendation for probation that the probationer lead a law-abiding life during the period of his probation. Additional conditions should also be recommended which fit the circumstances of your case. Conditions recommended should be designed to assist the probationer in leading a law-abiding life. They could be divided by conditions that help control and/or monitor behavior and those that help change behavior. Examples of conditions that help to MONITOR behavior include, but are not limited to: report to one’s probation officer, allow your probation officerto conduct home visits, attend school regularly, stay away from known offenders, and/or maintain curfew. Examples of conditions that help to CHANGE behavior include, but are not limited to: attend anger management classes, participate in a drug treatment program, and/or seek counseling. 12. Information about special resources which might be available to assist the offender, such as treatment centers, residential facilities, vocational training services, special educational facilities, rehabilitation programs of various institutions in which the offender might be committed, special programs in the probation department and other similar programs which are particularly relevant to the offender’s situation.
Please note that the biggest (and worth the most points) section of this report is the Correctional Plan. Your plan should be based on evidence of the case. Justify your recommendations giving appropriate reasons. Support your answers with research, concepts presented in the course and examples. Your report should be in proper format for a Predisposition report. There are a variety of images of Predisposition Forms available by conducting an Internet search. It might be easiest to look up Presentence Investigation instead of Predisposition Report. The PSI is the adult equivalent of the Predisposition report. You may need to add details to your case if enough information is not available through your sources.
Deliverable Length: 5 – 7 pages
Specific benchmarks and dates have been scheduled. This schedule will allow you time to examine their selected topic in some detail while assembling background information and resources for potential solutions.
Unit 10: Research & Select PSI Format with Rationale (10 points)
You are to provide me with the format you chose for the Predisposition Report. Conduct an Internet search. Instead of Predisposition Report, I would recommend that you look up Presentence Investigation on the internet. This is the adult equivalent to the predisposition report and should provide you with many different options. Submit a digital version of the format with a short rationale for your selection, identify at least two advantages and a potential disadvantage.
You will find the following resources helpful:
The Presentence Investigation ReportA Guide to the Presentence Process
The Presentence Investigation Report
Sample Presentence Investigation Report
Presentence Investigation Report: Your Guide to Preparing for Prison and BeyondProbation Presentence InvestigationA position statement by the American Probation and Parole Association.
Unit 12: Pick Your Case (10 points) Provide the title and summary of the case/individual from which you will base your Predisposition report. Provide a link or attach a digital copy of the case. Also, include at least two resources connected to this case. Provide the links or digital copy of the resources. Remember that the case should include a juvenile.


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