Triz Business Management Paper

Choose a new problem. Keep in mind that TRIZ works best with complex problems. If alternatives are easily generated, then a fancy tool is of little use!
Use TRIZ techniques to generate new ideas, alternatives, and potential solutions for your business problem.You may use the scenario from last week or a new scenario. You must use the TRIZ tool. Discuss the tool and your use of the techniques and the results on your problem.
You should include a cover page and a second page with brief detail regarding your problem and objectives.Include the specific numbers and labels for the principles, features, etc.
Include a screen print of the TRIZ analysis.
The response should be of your personal view or experience and include at least two external sources to support your views (beyond the textbooks).
The length must be between 600 and 900 words excluding the title, problem statement, and references.
Formal writing is required using APA.

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