FIN571 – Questions 6February 21, 2021

Watch VideoKeystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines controversy explained

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a $4.8 million project by Energy Transfer Partners (EPT) which is extremely controversial coupled with a high degree of volatility. The final outcome of this project will inevitability profoundly affect not only our economy, but possibly the global economy. Your assignment is to view the above video and research other related information…. and from a Marketing/Business Management Perspective, write a paper which focus on the rationales (Pros/Cons) for such an undertaking. Assuming you have the power…. what would you do. Your decision should be centered around (but not limited to) the following:
1. Incentives
2, Impact
3. Economic Benefits/Economic downfall
4. Social Responsibility
5. Business Ethics
6. Environmental Issues
The paper must be 9 pages Double Spaced Cite sources


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