Assignment w4: Evaluating EthicsApril 9, 2021

When the internet became a viable instructional delivery medium, online learning began to rapidly expand. Shortly thereafter, the need for online teaching approaches promptly emerged. As web-based technologies evolve rapidly, online planning and teaching skills are becoming even more necessary prerequisites for online teaching. Utilizing a 5-Stage Learning Model for Planning and Teaching Online Courses: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a cutting-edge scholarly publication that combines the instructional system design approach (ISD) with the current and emerging instructional technologies for planning and teaching effective and successful online courses. It also offers recommendations that focus on best practice experiences for engaging online students and motivating them to be active participants in an online class. Highlighting a range of topics such as data analysis, educational collaboration, and student engagement, this book is essential for instructional designers, curriculum developers, educational software developers, academicians, teachers, administrators, researchers, and students. It can also be by training specialists who are employed by universities, cooperation, or government agencies and charged to develop and teach online classes of professional development or web-based military training
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