Post-Lab Questions
Using your data from Part A – D, determine the most appropriate method to graph the information, and provide the graph(s) in the space below. Include a brief statement describing why you selected the graphing method you did. Be sure to clearly indicate the x and y axes, the units used, and the graph title(s). You may also use a graphing software program, if authorized by your instructor.
Identify the controls used in this experiment. Which control is positive, and which control is negative? How do you know? Did you receive the results you would expect from such a control?
What was the purpose of the sodium bicarbonate?
What was the purpose of the soap?
Describe why the leaves rise. Alternatively, describe why the leave sink.
How does darkness affect photosynthesis. Be specific and be sure to discuss biological processes and molecules involved.
Predict what might happen if the solutions and leaf disks were boiled prior to the photosynthesis. Alternatively, what might happen if the solutions and leaf disks were subjected to very cold temperatures?
Will the leaf disks float faster or slower if the experiment is adjusted to decrease the photosynthetic rate?


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