Law and ethics advance directives

Mary has recently learned about advance directives in her health information legal class. The information she has obtained, along with her knowledge of the Terri Schiavo case (2005) has convinced her of the benefits of executing an advance directive if she were to become incompetent. Mary is aware that her grandparents feel advance directives are wrong. However, she thinks they might be misinformed about the purpose and function of advance directives. How should Mary go about deciding what type of advance directive is the best for her? Describe the types available to Mary and how it would impact her if choosing those you address.

1. How should Mary go about deciding what type of advance directive is the best for her?
2. Where should she begin to prepare such a document?
3. How might she best educate her grandparents about advance directives?
4. Should she urge her friends and other family members to create advance directives?
5. Do you have an advance directive? Do your family and friends? Have you discussed it with them?

1. Using Microsoft Word, create a general consent form and an informed consent form that a patient would sign. After you have completed the two forms, obtain both types of consent forms from a local hospital website and compare your documents with those actually being used. Provide a summary as to what was different about the forms you created as compared to the ones you found online. Describe the use of both forms. Is there a difference?
2. Provide resources used to complete this research assignment. (i.e. link to the article, web address where the article can be found, etc.)


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