Law, regulation and ethics questions and answers essay

Please answer to each question is limited to 300 words, including your in-line citation(s). Include a single Reference List at the end of your questions with all the sources you consulted. The word limit is firm. (I stop reading at the word limit.) 
These criteria will be used to evaluate your submission: a. Quality of the response to each question b. Research reflected in each response (at least one citation and one reference are required for each response) c. Grammar/spelling/communications style. 
1. Under what circumstances are different federal courts bound by conflicting interpretations of the law? How can such disagreements be resolved? 
2. Explain “fair use,” how it is determined and what purpose(s) it serves. 
3. In the United States, what is the legal basis for privacy protection? What privacy is protected? How? 
4. Why would an application (app) license agreement indicate that the certain laws apply? What does that mean to you as user? Are you obliged to accept the specified venue? Why?
 5. Johnny is an especially good hacker. He can exploit zero-day vulnerabilities, find a key file, and modify it without detection. Sally is running for dogcatcher in her local town and wants to ensure that she will win. She asked Johnny to hack and change enough votes (on the tally kept online by the town) to ensure that she gets the job after election day. He agreed, via email, when she offered to pay him $1000. Sally was so excited that she won by 11 votes, but she no longer thinks she needed Johnny to change votes. When she refused to pay, Johnny sued her for breach of contract, what was the result?


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