Left Sided Heart Failure Concept Map

Left Sided Heart Failure Concept Map
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Dear WriterThe Map should be about Left-Sided Heart Failure
Below are the Sub-heading that needs to be in the Concept Map.
· The separate Reference page for Concept Map. You may have more than 2 reference
· Visually Stimulating, add pictures in the background and visually attractive. Below is an sample example but this concept map needs to look unique and visually very appealing, please.
· Add pictures of heart, lungs what ever connects to the Map and its information.
· I have attached a sample of the concept map of another topic to guide you what information requires in the map.
· 500 words and it is worth 25 Marks.influences
Depletion of blood flow in a cerebral artery resulting from a thrombus or embolus. (1)
Occlusion of cerebral artery production of ATP failure of energy pumps influx of sodium and calcium ions and efflux of potassium passive inflow of water cytotoxic oedema destruction of cells in infarct core.
Membrane depolarisation release of glutamate excessive calcium influx into neurons destruction of cells by lipolysis, proteolysis and free radicals.
infarct core and ischaemic penumbra
necrotic tissue not able to conduct impulses interrupting normal function such as motor and sensory transmission and speech.
Risk factors
· Obesity
· Smoking
· Sedentary lifestyle
· Age 1.
· ageg
Clinical features
· Right-sided hemiplegia and weakness
· Sensory loss on right side
· Inability to see the right visual field of each eye
· Aphasia
· Apraxia
· Dysarthria
· Impaired reasoning
· Behavioural changes
· Problems with memory
· Complete history
· Physical and neurological examination
· Brain MRI or CT scan –differentiate cerebral haemorrhage from ischaemic stroke
· Other tests for vascular imaging – CT angiography, magnetic resonance angiography
Primary prevention
· Don’t smoke
· Diet high in fruit and vegetables
· Diet low in fats and salt
· 30 minutes of exercise daily
· Limit alcohol
· Reperfusion Thrombolytic (tPA )
Nursing acute phase
· Frequent evaluation of neurological status and vital signs
· Oxygen saturations – administer oxygen if required
· Screen for swallowing – manage hydration and nutrition
· Manage activities of daily living
· Address appropriate communication strategies
· Prevent complications
· Passive and active movement
· Encourage activities provided by physiotherapists, speech and occupational therapists e.g. mobility, speech, ADL
· Education-
Secondary prevention
· Neuroprotection – e.g, aspirin
Course of disease
With reperfusion – blood restored to area, many symptoms gradually resolve
Without treatment – ischaemia extends to penumbra –symptoms worsen. Recovery may continue 6 months to a year but left with disability. Requires rehabilitation to optimise function 8
· Contractures
· Incontinence
· Falls
· Mood disturbances
· Dysarthria and aphasia
Death of brain tissue resulting from an occluded cerebral artery in the left side of the brain.. 6.
One in five likely to die within one month.
Of those who recover about 90% will experience some impairment. 9
Prevents formation of
Leads to need for immediate
Diagnosed by
Results in
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