1. Understanding the Legislative Process Paper:
Identify an issue or problem that effects the health and/or safety of the people of
Connecticut. The paper will include an explanation of the rational for choosing the
topic, discussion of strategic steps at the local and federal level that will be needed to
address the issue. Identification of key players, and what the potential steps are to take
the issue to a state bill proposal. Finally, what federal steps would follow should the bill
is passed. Complete a paper in APA format. The paper should be between 3-5 pages
(excluding the title page, the abstract and the reference pages). The paper should also
include at least 5 references with at least one current (no older than 5 years) peer
reviewed professional journal.
1. Presentation of the issue/problem and explanation of why this issue should be of
concern to nurses (20 %)
2. Description and explanation of local steps needed for proposing the item as a bill
3. Description and explanation of the state level actions needed for proposing the item
as a bill (20 %)
4. Description and explanation of federal actions needed to resolve issue or achieve goal
(20 %)
5. APA (10%)
6. Research/References (10 %)
NOTE: I have selected to do “Legislative proc ” OPIOID CRISIS” with 1500 words


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