Industrial America between 1877 and 1917 was full of disparities and growing social, economic, and

political tensions between races, genders, social classes, and ethnicities. Such disparities were often codified into law at the local, state, and federal levels, through immigration exclusion acts and through an increasing number of segregation and Jim Crow Laws.
Each of the sources below references an aspect of life in Industrialized America. Explain how each of the
primary sources represents a way that a particular population was excluded and marginalized during this

Pull evidence from the sources as well as the textbook to support your claims. In your conclusion, discuss

how people in powerful positions attempted to justify such exclusionary practices at the turn of the century.
Your response should be 2-3 paragraphs in length, and should meet the following criteria:
It addresses all portions of the topic or prompt.
It has a fully developed thesis.
Ideas are stated clearly and easy to understand.
Major supporting ideas are thoughtful, readily identifiable and well-developed in unified paragraphs with
concrete, substantial and relevant information.
It demonstrates command of language, with precise word choices, and few—if any—errors in usage or

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