I need introduction, five points and conclusion about any of the stories below.

Week 2: Regionalism 1865 to 1914
Dickenson, Freytag’s pyramid

Readings: Dickenson Bio pg. 82-86, Dickenson readings, #202 “Faith” pg.87, #260 “I’m A Nobody” pg. 88, #340 “I felt a funeral in my brains” pg.90-91, #359 “A bird came down the walk” pg 92, #479 “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” pg. 94-95

Bierce, Jewett, Chesnutt, plot

Readings: Bierce Bio pg 326-27, “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” pg. 327-333, Jewett bio pg. 342-434, “A White Heron” pg. 434-441, Chesnutt bio pg.479-481, “The Goophered Grapevine” pg. 481-488

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