Write a literature review of 2000 words which includes each of the sections listed below. Choose one of the following conditions of national public health significance: cancer control, cardiovascular health, injury prevention and control, mental health, diabetes mellitus, asthma, arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions, obesity, dementia (or another public health issue, with agreement from the course coordinator). You may choose to focus on one of these health issues in a specific population group such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Then address the assignment criteria in relation to that health issue.

1. Identify a major public health issue from those listed above and describe the scale and size of the issue, and the population group most at risk or most affected.

2. Examine the empirical evidence and describe what is known about your chosen health issue in relation to its origins and determinants, and what the cost to society is.

3. Identify an existing health promotion program aiming to address this health issue. Critically appraise the program for their evidence-base, as well as their efficacy and effectiveness in addressing the issue.

You may use headings and subheadings if you wish. Each of the sections should be approximately equal in length. It is important that you take care with your writing style and referencing. This assignment is to be written as a literature review which is a formal, scientific style of writing.

Format–       Write this assignment as a literature review. Headings and subheadings are the preferred format for this type of written assignment.-       Provide a word count (excluding footnotes, endnotes and references).-       Use an acknowledged referencing style Harvard and reference list
Word limit2000 words

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