also reply with minimum 100 word response to TWO other students in your cohort for each unit. No late discussion will be accepted.
This should be addressed to Veronica White
Having identified the needs of my customers, I will segment the market and market the products to a specific target market (niche market). In a niche market, customers have unique, specific needs (Ferrell, Hirt, & Ferrell, 2009, p. 371). My marketing efforts will, therefore, narrow down on the small, well-defined group of consumers. I will hire sales representatives who will communicate directly to the target customers, give them the information on the product and its benefits and respond to their questions concerning the product.
I focus on customer centricity, and this means that my products exceed the expectations of the customers. The decision to narrow down to individual customers reflects on high-quality products which are intended to meet the specific needs of the customers. The customers expect to derive satisfaction from the product, but the product goes ahead to meet their latent needs something that they did not expect. The product, therefore, creates value to the customers and leaves them with unique experiences.
Apple Inc’s iPhone 7 Plus is one product that has superior quality. It is the latest innovation with unique features such as high speed, various sensors, excellent camera and big memory among others. I have been waiting for a new iPhone innovated by Apple, but I did not expect it to possess the features it has. Apple identified my needs even before I had recognized these needs. A product that has poor quality is the internet I am using. I plugged in my modem, and there was no internet access. This has happened for two weeks now, I have contacted the technical support, but no intervention has been made.

2. This should be addressed to Eleanor Finnie
In order for me to market a new product, I would have to put a team together and thoroughly research the product. I would market a product first by advertising to the public, through internet, television, and radio. I would contact the news paper and place coupons in the paper and on the internet.
Marketing is a group of activities designed to expedite transactions, by creating, distributing, pricing, and promoting goods, services, and ideas (Ferrell, Hirt, & Ferrell, 2009). After making that reference to marketing, I would have some of my team members to go to the stores where my new product is being sold and give out free samples, and give them a survey that could be mailed to the company with a postage paid envelope.
One of the products that I truly love is dial soap, I love all of the different fragrances that the soap can be purchased in. My main brand of dial soap is the dial gold, it smells good and is very refreshing. I like this class because it reinforced my knowledge of the business world, and I also learned many new things
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