Question description
Please research online and write at least. two to 3 paragraphs for each question.Points are awarded for for great content and grammar.
Question 1

As a nurse what is one thing you feel is most important to stress with your patients/the public when it comes to nutrition and wellness and why?
How effective are labels in helping consumers make decisions about their foods? What might be more effective?

Question 2

You are at a restaurant having lunch with friends. After hearing you order a sandwich on whole-wheat bread, the friend comments, “Whole-wheat bread, white bread, what’s the big deal? They’re all complex carbohydrates.” How would you respond?
Karen and her husband, Roger, want to reduce their intake of fat and increase their intake of fiber. Both grew up in families that prides themselves as being the “meat and potatoes” types. What strategies could they adopt to restructure their dinner plates to meet MyPlate goals?

Question 3
Mark, age 3, is having a yearly health examination. His mom, rather proudly, tells you that Mark eats one apple and carrot sticks every day. She says that means he gets all the vitamins and minerals he needs. As his nurse how do you respond?
Question 4.
The number of food safety recalls is growing in the United States. Should a company have the power to decide what information to give consumers about the food it produces? Do people have the right to know what is in their food?
Question 5
As a nurse you are providing nutrition education on weight loss. The patient states, “I’ve tried several fad diets and they aren’t working for me.” What fad diets are popular now and based on what you have learned in this class so far, and what if anything about them concerns you (nutrient deficiencies, medication interactions, etc.)? How would you instead direct this patient?


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