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Assessment 3 – Data analysis reportAssessment Type Purpose• Report• You have been asked to prepare a report for a Marketing Manager. An organisation has undertaken research and has access to raw qualitative (focus group transcript) and quantitative (SPSS data file) data. The Marketing Manager has asked you to interpret the data, and provide recommendations regarding the company’s research objectives (Scenario posted on Blackboard).Description• Using the two data files provide on Blackboard you are required to prepare a report that details both qualitative and quantitative analysis.Assessment CriteriaSixteen criteria will be used:• Identification of Key Themes (1 mark)• Interpretation of Theme 1 (2.5 marks)• Interpretation of Theme 2 (2.5 marks)• Use of Evidence (2 marks)• Data Display (2 marks)• Verification via Secondary sources (2 marks)• Respondent Profile (2 marks)• Test of Difference Selection (1.5 marks)• Test of Difference Interpretation (4.5 marks)• Test of Association Selection (1.5 marks)• Test of Association Interpretation (4.5 marks)• Summary (1.5 marks)• Discussion (2.5 marks)• Recommendations (2 marks)• Formant and Clarity (2 marks)• Referencing (1 mark)
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