marketing research proposal 6 page minimum owning vs leasing car

MAR4613 Project Overview Video
Choose a topic, research it, and create a 6-page (or more) marketing research proposal.
I will be doing my course project on leasing a car vs owning one.
These are my survey questions:

Do you own a car or lease one?
What is your marital status?
Do you have a long commute to work?
How old are you?
Are you employed fulltime?
Do you have good credit history?
Did you make a decision on leasing vs owning a car based on the monthly payment?

Please do both primary research (ask/survey customers) and secondary research (Google the company, Google Scholar, textbooks, etc) to inform your paper and support your points and rationales — Ch.5. Include background research on the topic, causes, and problem, mainly in section 1, described below. (You may not use SurveyMonkey or Google Forms. I’d rather you just type in your survey questions, as you will need to give each answer a numerical score and enter each number into either XL Data Analyst or
According to your text and specifically, Ch.3, a marketing research proposal will cover the following elements:
1. Statement of the problem. Include a situation analysis with your primary and secondary research included. Add an analysis result from your pretest/market test survey (a crosstab, correlation, or regression). Remember, under each table in a paper, write a sentence or two describing the table and the findings. Determine the probable cause of the problem.
2. The research objectives. Include hypotheses, sample, constructs (variables), and unit of measurement.
3. The research method proposed by the researcher to accomplish the research objectives. This section details topics such as sample size, incidence rates, data collection methods, and any subcontractors to be used and their services. Measures undertaken to reduce nonsampling errors should be enumerated. State the software used in the data analysis — XL Data Analyst or Statcrunch — of your pretest/market test survey. (See Ch.6 and Ch.9.)
4. Statement of deliverables.
5. Cost. If there are expenses to be paid in advance, the exact amounts and dates should be noted. If subcontractors are to be paid directly by the client, this should be noted as well. Clients differ in terms of the detail they prefer in proposals. Some clients will just want to know the major costs, and others will want a detailed proposed budget.
6. Timetable. A schedule should be prepared showing dates or date ranges scheduled for the project.
7. Conclusion. Review the proposal’s goals and recommendations. Last, share a paragraph on what you learned.
8. 4+ references reference list. Include at least 5+ in-text cited facts in your paper. (See Purdue Owl APA for more.)
Rubric for Grading:
1. Statement of the problem. Include a situation analysis with your primary and secondary research included. Share Crosstab/Correlation/Regression analysis result.
2. The research objectives
3. The research method (include what software — XL Data Analyst or Statcrunch — you used for your analysis.)
4. Statement of deliverables
5. Cost
6. Timetable
7. Conclusion
8. 4+ references reference list. Include at least 5+ in-text cited facts.
Ex. 1:
Ex. 2:
Link to a document format of this Course Project document:
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