I have attached what I would like help on. 2 Questions and 6 Responses
or my homework assignment I am suppose to answer 3 Discussion Questions (I have attached the instruction).  Next I am suppose to respond to 4 Questions that have already been solved by one of my classmates.  So the part where I stated “Problem Question 1-6 – I would like to respond to” those are the discussion questions that my classmates did and I am suppose to respond to them. The one highlighted in “red” I was showing you a response from another classmate about the problem that another student did to show you that the response can be kind of short as long as it covers the following: Did you post at least two responses?   Did you explain how the examples helped you better understand the math in this unit? Did you ask questions for clarification or make suggestions on how to change or improve the original application posting or any other follow-up postings? Discussion Questions  – General Problem Solving Strategies Application Directions  – Sets Application Directions  – Logic Application Directions

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