Meeting the needs of diverse students in the classroom can be challenging without thoughtful planning to engage students in the learning process; especially in English language arts where the demonstration of learning by students is often paper/pencil activities.
Teachers can often become stuck in a pattern of instructional methods without adjusting to the needs of the students. It is important to often reflect on teaching practices to ensure that all students are receiving the most effective and relevant education possible.
Use the “Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in English Language Arts Case Study” to complete the topic assignment.
Write a 250-500 word summary response to the following:

How can you build relevancy of the content and skills that are being presented so the students see the application and value of learning in an authentic way that the content and skill are meaningful for them?
How can you use assessment data to show growth and help students change their self-competency beliefs regarding their own ability?
Creative opportunities inspire, motivate, and challenge people. How can you integrate creativity into this course to deepen learning, enrich concepts, make the concepts more interesting, strengthen problem-solving, encourage risk-taking, and build connections between concepts?
How can you use this case study to improve your future instruction including using assessment data, providing feedback to students, and adjusting instruction to meet the needs of diverse students?


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