modern art no reference only book 2

Reading assignment: For the next two classes, read chapter 6, pages 111-135; you can skip the section on sculpture (pages 130 to 131).

Next week on November 26th, I will discuss the material on pages 111-121.
The following week on December 3rd, I will cover pages 121-130 and 132-135.

On the 26th I will also cover the precursors to Expressionism (Ensor, Munch, etc.) that I didn’t discuss during the Art Nouveau lecture, so you might want to take another look at that material.

Writing assignment: Compare the Expressionist art that’s covered in chapter 6 with the Fauvism we’ve already looked at. What do the two styles share, and how do they differ?
To explain these similarities and differences, compare one Fauvist painting from last week and one Expressionist painting from chapter 6. There are various things you could choose to talk about, such as:

Similarities and differences in the basic visual elements of each style (such as painting techniques and the use of colors)
Similarities and differences in things like subject matter or the emotional tone of each style
The different artistic and social goals that each group had.

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