Module 2: Discussion

Identify a situation that may make it difficult for health plans to develop and maintain a network. Choose one approach that a health plan might take to overcome this challenge and consider the following questions as you respond:

Why do you feel your selected approach is the best option?
How might your approach differ depending on the environment?

A rural area
A medically underserved area
A community in which there is little competition among specialists

Refer to the text and past experiences as you provide evidence to support your response. As you respond to your peers, consider reviewing the response of someone who chose a different approach.

Cassidy, M. (2010, December 15). Basic contract issues for new physician contracts [Web log post]. Retrieved from
Sinaiko, A. D., & Rosenthal, M. B. (2014). The impact of tiered physician networks on patient choices. Health Services Research, 49(4), 1348-1363.

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