Write an in-depth response to each of the prompts numbered below. Number your response with the question. Each response needs to be at least four sentences in length. Refer to “Writing Rubric” (in the Getting Started Module and the syllabus) for content and grammar guidelines. If you research information outside of the textbook, document your reference after the cited information. Save your work in a Word (.doc or .docx) file, name the file with your first and last name, and the module number. For example, “Jane_smith_module5”. Then, upload your file into the dropbox folder.
For this dropbox, you will need to read Chapter 5, “Dimensions of Diversity” and resources entitled “National Association of Social Workers Cultural Competency Standards” and “The New Social Worker: Teaching Cultural Competence” on the Readings page. You will also need to watch the video in the Activities module. After completing this, you need to write a response to each of the prompts that follow. 

Watch the video entitled “What is Cultural Competency in Healthcare?” This video is based in healthcare but it has the same principles for social work cultural competency. Write a summary of the key points presented in the video for how staff/social workers need to treat clients. Note how their points line up with the expectations of social workers noted in the textbook.
Watch the video entitled “Cultural Diversity” and “Managing Your Prejudices”. Summarize the speakers main points from each video. Identify specific ideas that stood out to you and two prejudices you discovered you have.
Go to the Readings section and click on the link entitled “National Association of Social Workers Cultural Competency Standards”. Outline these standards and explain how a social worker can apply them.
Watch the two videos in the Activity section entitled “Cultural Competency & Humility” and “Cultural Humility”. Define and explain the difference between competency and humility. How important and ethical is it that a social worker practice this in working with clients? What steps can a social worker take to demonstrate this understanding when interacting with clients?
List and describe the stages of cultural understanding found in the textbook.
Go to the Readings section and click on the link provided entitled the “The New Social Worker: Teaching Cultural Competence”. Highlight the points made in the reading for new approaches needed to address diversity in social work practice.
From the textbook, state at least three emerging issues with diversity and share how social work can intervene to make a difference.
Go to the Resource section in the overview module. Click on the two links provided entitled “CensusScope-Demographics” and “United States Quick Facts”. Review the information on the racial populations in the US. After reviewing the US map, list and describe the racial demographics in the US with statistics of specific percentages of groups in specific geographical locations. How does this information improve awareness for all social workers in their practice?


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