List at least five things in the first 10 minutes that seem to be the opposite of what you might see in a mainstream movie. (Hint: hereâ€s one. The movie begins in a different language).
Talk about the pace of the film in the first half hour. What do you like – or not – about the pace. No time stamp needed. No answer is wrong, as long as you describe with some detail.
Thereâ€s a circular long take in the film (itâ€s around 32 minutes into the film) when the man prays at the commune before they eat (not the family at the lunch table earlier). Explain why you think the director Dennis Hopper used a long take and how does it make you feel? No time stamp needed.
The film uses non–actors in the café scene where the men criticize the lead characters, while the young ladies express interest in them. Do you think using non-actors is effective or not? Why? No time stamp needed.
Thereâ€s a flash forward in the film, which is when the film quickly visually alludes to something that hasnâ€t happened yet. See if you can find it (you may need to go back after the film), and what do you think about its use?
The film tries to use technological means to convey an LSD experience. What do they do (time stamp it) and do you think itâ€s effective? Why or why not?
DISCUSSION:”Easy Rider” was a wildly successful film when it was released nearly 50 years ago. Do you think the film would be successful if released today? Why or why not? If you think not, then in what ways would it need to change to be successful.Also, name your favorite part of the movie and why? And why overall you liked, or did’t like, the film. Answer in 150-200 words.

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