Business Law Student Project.
All information must be word processed using Word or Adobe pdf and bring to class. Please make sure your presentation is professional (use one consistent font and font size, number your pages, delineate each section—make it look good—you may add clipart/pictures/borders!). You can always pass in your project early!!! Late projects will receive a reduction in points or may not be accepted. Have fun with this—it is interesting!!
First:Go to
–Tell me who the current Attorney General is of NH.–Name the two primary divisions within the Office of the AG and list two other functional units within the DOJ
a. Click on the Consumers tab on the top then select banners “Identity Theft” and “Check Scams” and summarize them in your own words.
b. Then click on “Consumer Sourcebook” (under top tab “Consumers”) and scroll down to table of contents.— Summarize in your own words the section on “Co-Signing a Loan”.–Summarize in your own words the section on “Health Clubs”.–Summarize in your own words the section on “Schemes, Swindles and Scams”.–Summarize in your own words the section on “Warranties”.
Second:Go to http://www.ftc.gova. Go to Tips & Advice then click on Consumer Info. Go to 3 of the tabs going across the top (Money & Credit; Homes & Mortgages; Health & Fitness; Jobs & Making Money) then when you pick the 3 tabs, select 2 sections underneath (for example under Money & Credit you could pick—Credit & Loans and Dealing with Debt) and give me a one paragraph summary for each of two sections.
b. Go to Tips & Advice (again), click on Business Information. Select two business categories and under each category (be sure to tell me the category you selected—for example advertising & marketing or credit & finance or selected industries) give a one paragraph summary for each of two sections (for example if you picked advertising & marketing you could pick—environmental marketing and health claims). Do not pick a topic that is the same/close to what you picked above in section (a).
c. Go back to and go to Enforcement tab and then click Cases and Proceedings. Select two cases of interest to you, click on them and look for the case information and give me a summary of each case in a two separate paragraphs (1 paragraph each case). Make sure you cut and paste the name of the case, too!
Third:Go to http://www.courts.state.nh.usa. Go to tab on left that says “For Teachers and Students”. Go to the video “Take a Tour of the NH Courts” and write a paragraph about the approximately 12 minute video.
b. Then click on tab across the top that says “Mediation & Arbitration” and click on “Circuit Court District Division Mediation”. Provide me with a five-seven sentence overview of the Small Claims Mediation Process.
c. Go back to and click on the left “NH e-Court Project” and tell me what this about in five-seven sentences.


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