Final Reflection
Prompt: What was this course “about” to you?
You should consider the following three aspects of the course in formulating your answer:

Assigned texts, including readings and films
Class activities/discussions/lessons
Formal and informal assignments (essays, journals, presentations, etc.)

A successful response will:

Attempt to show the ways in which these different elements of the course worked together to help you improve your analytical, critical thinking, and communication (especially writing) skills
Be specific, referring to specific texts, assignments, and activities, and discussing how each contributed to this improvement (you may use notes, books, and the internet for this)
Be organized as an academic essay, complete with an introduction (including a thesis statement), multiple well-organized body paragraphs (at least 2) providing elaboration on your thesis, and a conclusion

Keep in mind that there is no “right” answer to this question. Instead, your response will reflect what YOU got out of the course, which may be something entirely different from everybody else. You should be able to justify your answer, however, with references to course content such as readings, assignments, and activities.

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