Use the appropriate descriptive statistics from W2 Assignment 2.
Assuming that the sample statistics you computed are exactly equivalent to the corresponding population parameters, identify the following:

What score on recall at Time1 would correspond to an extremely high score?
What score on recall at Time1 would correspond to an extremely low score?

To find these hypothetical scores, solve for X (your raw score) using the following formula:
X = (±z)(sd) + M, where
z = The z-score cutoff for 5 percent in the tail (±1.645)
sd = Your sample standard deviation
M = Your sample mean”
Use Minitab to compute z-scores for RecallTime1. Complete the table, indicating the appropriate z-scores corresponding to each of the participants whose score is given.

Subject ID

Recall at Time 1












Write a brief paragraph interpreting these z-scores.

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