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You will need to pull all sections together into ONE paper. Each chapter begins on a new page. This is an APA formatted paper so be sure to write in 3rd person and make sure that all in-text citations are appropriately formatted. The references page should only contain references for in-text citations used within your paper. Please take a look in the library for a sample APA paper.
The final section that you need to create is the Conclusion and Lessons Learned.
Remaining content
Introduction•Is the reason for this analysis described well?•Does the introduction provide a complete overview of the organization for which the analysis is being completed?•Does the introduction provide information explaining why this analysis is important to the organization?•• Description of the Problem/Data•
◦Is the problem clearly defined?◦Is the data used for analysis explained well?◦Were organizational challenges and/or opportunities addressed?Literature Review/APA format◦Was relevant primary research reviewed and included in the paper?◦Did the literature review provide a clear understanding of all content presented?◦Were the in-text citations and references for the paper appropriately laid out in APA format?◦
◦Analysis◾Does the analysis include visualizations and analysis of the data presented (at least 7 visualizations/analyses)?◾Does the analysis include a prediction for the organization based on the data?Conclusions and Lessons Learned◾Does the conclusion include a suggested way forward based on the prediction?◾Is there a section on lessons learned from this analysis paper and what skills learned were applied or will be applied at work?Presentation◾Is the presentation clear and concise?◾Does the presentation describe the audience and why this analysis is important to them?◾Does the presentation explain the data and analysis associated with it?◾Does the presentation discuss the prediction based on the data?◾Does the presentation discuss next steps – what should be done based on the data analysis?

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