Answer the following questions

What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6? 
Why do we have both?  Which is better? 
What is a subnet mask? 
What is a hostname? 
What is a domain name? 
What is a FQDN?  What is DNS?  mDNS? DNS-SD?  Dynamic DNS/DynDNS? 
What are packets? 
What are datagrams? 
What are frames?
  What is packet switching? 
Packet forwarding? 
IP forwarding? 
Port forwarding? 
What is NAT?  ARP?  RIP? 
What is the difference between dynamic and static routing? 
What is routing? 
What are routing tables? 
What is a default gateway? 
What is TCP? 
What is UDP? 
How do TCP and UDP matter on networks?
What is a 3-way handshake in networking?


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