Develop a visual communication bulletin (a one-sided, 8.5 x 11 flier suitable for reduction and/or digital sharing and capable of being shared via digital and new media formats) in order to create awareness and engage disinterested parties to a public issue via one of the provided scenarios. Review module resources and online examples of strategic best practices by contemporary communicators. This milestone will allow you to demonstrate your ability to be innovative and creative in your approach to engaging non-receptive parties as outlined in the Final Project I: Visual Strategic Communication Portfolio.
Textbook: Managerial Communication: Strategies and Applications, Chapter 6
PDF: Persuasion in the Media Age, Chapter 6 “Persuasion & Visual Images,” pp. 154–181
Article: 6 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Include Images in Your Marketing InfographicThe article by the renowned media strategist Jeff Bullas explains the use of images in a digital environment and their ability to drive traffic and prompt engagement.
Article: The Power of Visual StorytellingThis article by Getty Images discusses the use of authentic and culturally relative visuals to reflect the human experience and provide visual storytelling.
Article: The Power of Infographics: Why, What and HowThis blog article by Infogram, recipient of top innovator and best start-up overall awards, explains the powerful use of infographics to combine data and visual images to make it easier for audiences to digest, remember, and share.
Article: Ten Characteristics of a Logo that EnduresThis article provides a summary of Jack Gernsheimer’s ten attributes that a good logo should possess. Gernsheimer is a noted designer of Fortune 500 brand and identity campaigns.
Website: Ad Council: Our CampaignsThis website offers the campaigns of the Ad Council and offers television, web, and radio ads for a select number of public issues. These campaigns are created to stimulate action through communication programs in efforts to make a measurable difference in contemporary society.
Video: David Griffin: How Photography Connects Us (cc) (14:53)This TED Talk features National Geographic’s director of photography David Griffin and explains how photography can compel us to confront controversial issues, make a real connection to people, and be employed as a positive agent for understanding the challenges and opportunities facing our world today.
Video: The Power of Images and Symbols (cc) (2:27)This brief video shows well-known logos and images and allows viewers to see the connection, emotions, and meaning that these visual images evoke.
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