Nursing Advocacy Letter for Nursing

Write a letter regarding a health issue of concern to a regulatory body or
Write a letter to a legislator regarding a bill or issue that was considered or will be considered in the upcoming legislature.
Remember a few important points:

Write this paper as if you intend for the person to read it. In fact, upon approval (once any edits are made), I encourage you to submit your letter via e-mail or mail to the intended party! Remember, however, you are representing yourself and not the College of Central Florida.
The reader probably has little to no knowledge of the subject matter/language you are presenting (they are most likely not nurses, doctors, or even aware of the healthcare field as in-depth as you are). So explain your viewpoints and arguments as such and avoid the use of abbreviations or acronyms that may be familiar to healthcare personnel.
Be persuasive, but not demanding (be professionals!).
Personal stories (obviously without violating HIPAA) can be highly persuasive and people tend to remember the ‘personal touches’ during considerations…they hit home more.
Remember to cite factual statements as you would in a scholarly paper; include References as an “Enclosure” (see sample letters in Syllabus section). You don’t want it to appear as if you’re just making up facts/figures (ever!). Avoid the use of references with no publication date; it’s important to present current evidence to support your arguments.

Please use references within past 5 years
please see example papers as a reference


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