Answer questions given   
Requirements: Times New Roman Font 12, double spaced paragraphs. (5 points)  Try to limit your assignment to two pages.  Include the following topics in your paper:
· Chosen Profession
a. Reason for choosing nursing. Explain answer thoroughly. (20 points)
· Nursing Core
a. What you believe the core of nursing is: (5 points)
· Focus of Nursing
a. What you believe that the focus of nursing is: (5 points)
· Vision
a. What is the vision you have of yourself as a nurse? Give specific examples, such as specialty, advanced degrees, etc (10 points)
· Staying on Track
a. What do you need to remind yourself daily about being a nurse in order to live out your own personal philosophy of nursing?  Provide specific examples. (15 points)
· My Patients
a. What you believe about your patients. Provide details. (10 points)
· My Patients’ Families
a. What you believe about your patients’ families. Provide details. (10 points) 
· My Colleagues
a. What you believe about your fellow health care professionals. Provide details. 
(10 points)
· My Health
a. What you believe about your own health. Provide explanation. (10 points)


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