Worksheet: Preparing a Grocery List

Assignment Overview

For this assignment, you will create a grocery list for yourself based on your need to add more healthy carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and fiber to your diet. You will be utilizing the website that you familiarized yourself with in Week 1.

This assignment is intended to introduce basic nutritional principles such as energy requirements, sources, and uses. You will also differentiate between macronutrient and micronutrient concepts and describe their physiological functioning, while applying human nutritional theories and relevant research to create a nutritional assessment to support selection of a patient’s grocery items.

Assignment Details:

Perform the following tasks:

· Complete the reading assignment and the interactive lesson before attempting this assignment.

· Respond to the following:

· Upon your initial findings, what is your understanding of the importance of healthy macronutrients? How can you create a grocery list to reflect these findings?

· In approximately 125 words, answer the following questions:

· What healthy foods did you add to your list for carbohydrates and why?

· What healthy foods did you add to your list for fats and why?

· What healthy foods did you add to your list for proteins and why?

· What can you do to ensure that you are able to follow the suggested recommendations?

· Create a list of 25 healthful foods to meet the requirements of a healthy nutrition plan according to the grading below.

· Submit the Week 2 Assignment via Blackboard by clicking on the “Week 2 Assignment” link.

· Include the proper file naming convention: SCI115_wk2_assn_jsmith_mmddyyyy.

Refer to the Writing Conventions in the Written Assignment Rubric for detailed grading information.


Gradable items in assignmentPoints
Create a grocery List of 25 items.15
Explain why certain foods were selected, using lecture and textbook to support your decision.15
Indicate that you understand recommendations.5
Adhere to Writing Conventions.5
Total Points40

Assignment Worksheet:

[Write your responses here…]


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