Objective: Preparation of patient for surgery from EmergencyRoom. Management of a client with significant anxiety before asurgical procedure. Monitoring of vital signs and lab results. Patient Information NAME: Chad Jones AGE: 40 DOB: March 18, 1978 WEIGHT: 195 lbs. (88.6 kg) HEIGHT: 67 inches (170 cm) Past Medical History: Chad Jones is 40 years old. He lived inPoland until he was 12 years old and relocated with his mother andsister to the US at that time. He is currently married. Chad worksas a grocery produce manager. He is approximately 40 lbs.overweight. Besides his activity being a produce manager, he doesnot participate in organized exercise. He is being treated for hypertension, but otherwise healthy. Situation: Mr. Jones presented to the emergency room (ER) withright flank pain two hours ago. After ultrasound, it was discoveredthat he had extensive calculi in his gall bladder. Additionally,the gall bladder was distended with slight wall thickening, subtleregional fat-stranding, and an obstructing stone in the neck of thegallbladder. CBC with differential, liver function tests, Amylase and Lipasedrawn and sent to lab. Current Plan: The surgeon has been called to examine patient andthis has been completed. The lab results have not yet returned, butthe surgeon told the patient he may need surgery. He becomes veryanxious as he has never had surgery before. This anxiety increasesthe symptoms of this gall bladder attack (vomiting, pain). No complications are anticipated, although he has a history ofsleep apnea, so he will be closely observed for apnea and reducedrespiratory effort post-op. Provider Orders:            Pre-surgical scrub, place mannequin in clean gown, place IVcatheter, and place Foley   catheter            Monitor SpO2 – Oxygen to maintain Sp02 greater than 94%            NPO prior to surgery (12 hours)            Medications as per MAR below. Pre-Simulation Questions: (3-5 full sentences detailing needs ofthis patient) 1.    What would be pertinent questions to askthis client during the assessment? 2.    What are the anticipated needs of thispatient? . . .



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