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The mission, vision, and values of the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), are those in which I believe are relevant in all areas of nursing. As a member of the health care industry we all strive to improve the quality of life and overall outcomes for our patients, educate on and promote healthy lifestyles, along with providing holistic, individualized care. The ONS describe their core values as integrity, innovation, stewardship, advocacy, excellence and inclusiveness. Just as in our readings and discussions last week on the importance stewardship in health care industry and the nursing profession in particular, the ONS also believes strongly on nurturing their members to grow professionally and personally. Being part of an organization that encourages, supports, and offers necessary resources and educational opportunities to help its members to achieve their goals is a very important aspect in the decision to become a member of that organization or make a career decision to work for an organization.
To promote excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer care.
To lead the transformation of cancer care.
Core Values
Values are guiding principles for our organization, our leaders, and our members.
The organization and its members exhibit integrity and earn trust through ethical behaviors and uncompromising professionalism to all parties in business, professional, and personal interactions.
ONS and its members face every endeavor with creativity and knowledge. We strive to apply our broad perspectives consistently while leading the transformation of cancer care.
We are committed to protecting and nurturing the resources of the members and the organization. We do this through judicious and prudent use of all of our financial resources and the time and talents of our members and staff. We are accountable to the members and the public to nurture and grow our human and financial assets.
We, as an organization and as individuals, advocate on behalf of people with cancer to ensure their quality of life and their access to exemplary care throughout the continuum of life. We advocate on behalf of the nursing profession and the oncology specialty to ensure respect and recognition, access to education, safe working environments, and fair reimbursement. We also serve as advocates for public policy, particularly in matters of health.
We strive to foster excellence in clinical practice, research, education, and administration. We are committed to nothing less than excellence in our organization and the care of patients.
We celebrate and support diversity of thought and of individuals. We strive for a culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse membership to strengthen our ability to meet the needs of everyone we serve.
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