Pls read the instruction carefully
An Op-Ed is an article that expresses the opinion of the writer as its main focus. These are typically written by people who are experts on a topic. These articles are a persuasive argument; something created to sway the readerâ€s opinion to the authorâ€s point of view.

Your essay will be 4-5 pages and express your clear opinion on a topic regarding fighting. You will include specific facts and information, but make your own thinking the star of this particular show.
Your assertions must be supported using credible evidence and a clear rhetorical strategy. Be able to answer: Who are your readers? What particular words will be effective with this audience? How will you “take down” the opposing position to yours? Is your approach emotional? Logical? Credibility-based? Some combination of the three? What do you wish to persuade your reader to conclude after reading your essay? How do you have authority in this area?

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