Operational excellence – information systems – hw

 From Information Systems for Business and Beyond (Bourgeois) (see textbook url):
Chapter 1 – answer study questions 1-5 and complete Exercise 3
Chapter 2 – answer study questions 1-10 and complete Exercise 2
Textbook URL:  https://opentextbook.site/informationsystems2019/chapter/chapter-1-what-is-an-information-system-information-systems-introduction/ 
Tutor NOTE: Turn in this assignment as a single Word document using headings to clearly identify your work.  Use APA formatting where applicable, particular for citations and references.  Do not copy and paste any text into your answers.  Write in 100% original language starting from a “clean sheet of paper”, or in the case of MS Word, a blank document.  Students are getting in trouble for academic dishonesty because of cutting and pasting, poorly paraphrasing, rewording and using “article spinner” websites.


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