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Organizational Leadership
50 Points
Not following directions – Deduct 10 points
Poor Grammar and Spelling – Deduct 10 Points
Less than Minimum – Deduct 10 Points
Answer the following two questions.Make sure you start a new file.Include your name.Double space and 12 point font.Watch the grammar and spelling.I’m not expecting perfection but be professional in your presentation of thoughts and reflection.Be honest and take this time to share any and all thoughts.I also do not want a regurgitation of the book or powerpoints so please make this your own.What surprised you?What did you enjoy learning?What will you take away from this course that is important to you and your growth and learning?
1)Of all the assessments you took during this term, what did you learn or affirm about yourself and why is this important? 1 Page Minimum.Be sure to include your results of specific assessments you refer to in your response. (Kindly, see attached documents. I have attached self-assessments I have been taking).
2)What three things did you learn in this class that you plan on using in your personal and/or professional life?Support your thoughts. 2 Pages Minimum. (Kindly see attached documents, I have attached chapters we went through)
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