Title Page and Table of Contents
(5 Points)

 Pages not provided. (0)

 Title but no TOC. (2)

 Title and attempted TOC. (3)

 Title and TOC but Table w/o
page numbers. (4)

Title of your applied research
paper. Your name, course number and title, instructor, and date, plus
appropriate TOC. (5)

Introduction (10 Points)

is not apparent. (0)

is vague, incomplete, or lacks a focus. (6)

Introduction reflects barely
adequate information to acquaint reader to the problem context. (7)

Contains a focus and provides
sufficient detail to set the stage for the analysis but may contain
extraneous information. (8)

has a sharp, distinct focus; complete information. (10)

Problem Statement (15 Points)

No problem statement apparent. (0)

Problem statement is vague; does
not agree with title of paper. (9)

Presented mostly as symptoms of
the problem. (11)

Presented as a disguised solution.

Focused and concise. (15)

Literature Review (40 Points)

None provided. (0)

Too shallow; insufficient depth;
provides review of only one source; does not cite sources properly; may
include analysis of the problem in this section. (27)

Provides a review of only two to
three sources; does not address topic areas germane to the problem; including
analysis of the problem; does not cite some sources properly. (31)

Provides a review of the minimum
six research articles; lacks reference to insights or findings from many
of the readings that are applicable to the problem. (35)

Discusses the concepts, ideas, or
insights that have the most value for helping make sense of problem;
excellent use of citations; follows proper citation protocol; exceeds all
standards defined in the syllabus guidelines for the project. (40)

Analysis (40 Points)

No analysis evident or presents a
simplistic, inappropriate, or incoherent analysis of or response to the
problem. (0)

Illogically analyses the problem;
may lack coherent structure or elaboration with examples. Does not apply
findings from literature review. Clear lack of evidence to support analysis;
makes broad generalizations and unsupported assertions. (27)

Presents an adequate analysis of
the problem, elaborating the analysis with sufficient examples and acceptable
reasoning. May not apply findings from literature review appropriately. Lack
of evidence to support analysis; making broad generalizations and unsupported
assertions. (31)

Presents a thoughtful analysis of
problem, elaborating that response with appropriate examples and sensible
reasoning. (35)

Presents a cogent analysis of the
stated problem, elaborating that response with well-chosen examples and
persuasive reasoning supported by the literature. (40)

Solution (30 Points)

Solutions and recommendation not
included. (0)

The choice of solution(s) is not
linked to the analysis. (20)

Presents only a single solution
that may or may not be fully supported by the analysis. (23)

Solution or recommendations linked
to the analysis. Partially supported and defended. (26)

Solution or recommendations
logically flow from the analysis. Well supported and defended. (30)

Reflection (10 Points)

No reflective statement offered.

Perfunctory effort at drawing
lessons from the assignment. (6)

One key lesson; no other insights
offered. (7)

Good faith effort in discussing
the lessons from the assignment; some insights are included. (8)

Well presented insights on how the
assignment influenced personal, academic, and professional development. (10)

References (10 Points)

Few or no references listed. (0)

Insufficient references listed;
inconsistent format. (6)

A few appropriate references
listed. (7)

Well chosen references used; minor
errors. (8)

Well chosen references used;
follows correct format for listing; no errors. (10)

NOTE: Points will be deducted for grammar, syntax, and/or
punctuation errors. Failure to cite sources properly or using incorrect
protocol when citing sources and listing references is cause for point
reduction. Failure to cite sources will result in submission for academic
integrity review.


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