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Case study on environmental justice, air pollution, non-renewable and renewable resources. (Check “Inbox” for your assigned research paper)
Based on the assigned research paper you should submit as an attachment at least two-page report word document following the rubrics listed below. Note
1. Background paragraph: summary defining environmental justice, air pollution, renewable and non-renewable resources along with one example for each (not more than half page). (5 pts)
2. Introduction to your research paper (Title, objectives, where, when, who) (5 pts)
3. Discuss the findings in your research paper with respect to (10 pts)
A. What was the initial discovery?
B. What was the source of the problem?
C. What lawsuits have been filed? What were the outcomes?
D. What health effects have been documented?
4. A paragraph of your reflection: what do you think can be done to prevent similar problems? (10 pts)
5. Format of Attached document: 12 pt times new roman, 1.5- line spacing, minimum 4 paragraphs within the at least two- page document, any figure or illustration and bibliography must be on a separate page. (10 pts)

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