Part 4, Organizational Assessment SWOT Analysis

Topic: Part 4, Organizational Assessment: SWOT AnalysisPaper details:Please use author of the previous 3 parts for the sake of continuity,Order #627252, part 1 of the assignment for this orderOrder #647362, Part 2, of this assignmentOrder #——— Part 3,Organizational Assessment: Interprofessional Care and Quality and Success MetricsPart 4, Organizational Assessment: SWOT Analysis(Please include the SWOT Worksheet as part of the Assignment)In this assignment, you will continue to develop the organizational assessment that is a major part of your final assignment, the Performance Improvement Plan Paper. It may be helpful for you to review the complete final assignment in Module 7 and the related rubric before you complete this assignment.For this assignment you will continue to use the healthcare organization you selected in the first assignment. As the new nurse executive of a healthcare organization, you are planning to propose your first major performance improvement initiative. In order to do this, you decide to perform an organizational assessment to better understand the physical setting and technology used by the organization in the delivery of care and to meet the health care needs of the community.To complete the assignment, follow the instructions below. Use the M6A1:Organizational Assessment: SWOT Paper and Tool Rubric [PDF file size 129 KB] as a guide for writing your paper. This assignment should be no longer than 4 pages (excluding title page and reference list). The paper should include at least 5 references*, including at least one non-nursing reference, and aIDress all of the following criteria.Note:*Scholarly literature (including scholarly articles, white papers, and scholarly websites) integrated within the Masters Competencies paper should come from the most current nursing or related literature (published no more than 5 years ago); however, older works may be included if it is a seminal source or where there is a gap in the literature.In preparation for this assignment, you may find Mind Tools™ SWOT Analysis page to be helpful. You might also like to watch this video SWOT Analysis – A Tool for Success.Title Page (Graded through organization, writing style, grammar, usage, mechanics, and formatting)Abstract (Graded through organization, writing style, grammar, usage, mechanics, and formatting)Introduction (not labeled as such in APA format; graded through organization, writing style, grammar, usage, mechanics, and formatting)• Introduce topic of the paper.• Include a thesis statement that describes the purpose of the paper.1. SWOT Analysis (40%)a. Provide a comprehensive discussion of each part of the SWOT analysisb. Analysis includes discussion, recommendations, and identified opportunities for improvementc. Rationales are supported by evidence2. SWOT Tool (40%)Perform a comprehensive SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for the performance Improvement Plan using the SWOT tool provided.Conclusion (less than a page). Present a brief and succinct description of the key elements of the paper. (Graded through organization, writing style, grammar, usage, mechanics, and formatting)3. Integration of Evidence and Theory (10%)• Integrate credible, relevant sources to support ideas appropriate for the assignment.• Consistently use information in ways that are true to original context. Always distinguish between own ideas or common knowledge and ideas requiring attribution.• Scholarly articles integrated within the paper meet the following standards:o Provide the required number of references (minimum of 5)o Most nursing-specific or nursing-relatedo Provide the required number of references from a discipline outside nursing (minimum of 1).Published within 5 years OR published beyond 5 years if seminal source or gap in the literature4. Organization, writing style, grammar, usage, mechanics, formatting, and length (10%)Follow APA Guidelines for title page, abstract, headings and subheadings, citations, and references.The presentation and style of the paper are consistent with scholarly work and reflect use of APA format (6th ed.) Page Limit: 4 pagesPart 5, “Looking for a Similar Assignment? writersThe post Part 4, Organizational Assessment SWOT Analysis appeared first on Nursing Paper Desk.  “Are you looking for this answer? We can Help click Order Now”


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