Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper
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**Recommended Organization of Philosophy Paper**(Be sure to follow APA format for headings and subheadings)• Introduction (Do not use as a heading)o Discuss the theorist you have chosen and why• Beliefs About Each Major Theory Concept (Heading)o State your beliefs about each major theory concept (client, health, environment, nursing)o Use analysis and synthesis of cited references to support yourbeliefs? – Each concept (client, health, environment, & nursing) supportedby literature from noted authors or chosen theorist. Analyze andsynthesize cited literature to show how other authors support yourbeliefs about each of the following (paraphrase or use quotes)• Client• Health• Environment (Use these as sub-headings)• Nursing• Personal Values Related to Nursing Practice (Heading)o Discuss what you value and who/what may have been influential inyou adopting those values (Parents, Grandparents, EducationalSystem, Military Service, Religion, etc.). Omit influences if you areexceeding page maximum.o Use analysis and synthesis of cited references to support yourvalues. Cite authors that support your values. Religious texts can beused.• Student’s Personal Nursing behaviors (Heading)o Describe specific behaviors that you will demonstrate based on yourpersonal values.o Use analysis and synthesis of cited references, especially yourtheorist, to support these behaviors.• Personal Philosophy of Nursing (Heading)o State your personal philosophy of nursing. Keep it brief and concise,something you could quote in a nursing interview. No need to citereferences here.• Summary (Heading)o This should summarize, in one paragraph, the earlier ideaspresented in the paper.o You should not introduce new ideas in the summary• Conclusion/Recommendations (Heading)o This can be conclusions/recommendations related to your personalnursing practice and also for the profession.
Additional criteria:• Maximum of 5 pages (not including cover and reference page)o Pages beyond 5 will not be grades, possibly resulting in loss ofpoints• Be sure to check your grammar and spelling• All cited content, articles, and studies must be relevant to within thelast 5 years.


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