The instructions for this assignment are in the PDF! i have also provided a map pdf, this link is also helpful.öppen_climate_classification#/media/File:World_Köppen_Classification_(with_authors).svg
The Capital Letters at the beginning of the Sequence are Generally Associated with our First Major Control on Climjate:
The Latitude of the Location
A Tropical (generally found in Equatorial Regions-usually within 20 degrees N or S)BW Dry Desert (generally found between 20 and 30 degrees North or South latitude)BS Dry Steppe (not as dry as BW -these usually border the BW zones)C Mesothermal (generally found in the lower mid-latitudes, 30-45 degrees N and S)D Microthermal (generally found in the upper mid-latitude, 45-65 N)ET Polar Tundra (generally found beyond 60 degrees N and S)EF Polar Ice Caps (generally found beyond 60 degrees N and S)
H Highland (I set this one apart -Why?)
What do the Lower Case Letters tell us?
Moisture Classification f wet all yearm monsoonw wet and dry with winter droughts summer droughtn fog
This group tells us when the rains fall; all year/part of the year/heavier at timesIt’s easy to remember the m for monsoon and w for wet with winter drought or s for summer drought. But, what about the f for Wet All Year and n for Fog, What is that about? Shouldn’t these be the other way around? Chalk it up to Linguistic differences (culture doesn’t always get squeezed out of scientific debate-we try to standardize but we use our own language of origin to find the words to describe the things we observe and that is exactly what Vladimir Koeppen did here).
Temperature Classification k cold and dryh hot and drya very hot summer (warmest month about 72 degrees F)b very warm summer (warmest month below 72F with 4 months above 50F)c warm summer (warmest month below 72F/1-3 months above 50F/coldest over -36F)d cool summer with very cold winter (coldest month below -36F)
These further designations indicate how the temperature varies – h is for hot and k like c sounds like cold and they needed the c to give summer its grade. Grading our summer weather-don’t know if I would give the very HOT summer an A but at least you will know that summers are cooler the lower you go!


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