Hello! I have a very tough grading professor so please read the following directions carefully and take your time in writing this essay.
The essay should be between 450 to 600 words.
ONLY FROM SOURCES PROVIDED and google scholar articles
CLEAR THESIS AND TOPIC SENTENCES. Make sure that the first sentence of the essay reflects the topic properly.
You will answer the guiding questions using my resources.
A. Guiding Questions (make sure to integrate the guiding questions with each other, there is overlap):
1.Discuss the parts of the endocrine system that are involved and how they interact.
2.Compare and Contrast the physiological response for physical stress vs social/psychological stress.
3.What are the suggestions for reducing stress?
4.What are the benefits that may be accomplished with stress reduction methods?
5.What are some of the misconceptions about stress and stress relief?.
B. Sources/videos (use in regards to answering each related questions, DO NOT ONLY USE ONE SOURCE PER GUIDING QUESTION!! please integrate them all)
“You are encouraged to use Google Scholar to augment these resources, restrict yourself to peer reviewed articles and make sure the data is based on cortisol levels and/or T-cell counts or other objective measurements of stress levels”.
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