Plastic Paradise, the great Pacific Garbage, health and medicine homework help

Casimir I have another work for you.
you have to find in you tube this documental :
Plastic Paradise – the great Pacific Garbage
and in bullet points do the same as this example that I attach you below it have to be a page and a half at least .
Documentary: Got the Facts on Dairy

Lane , Shira. (Director). (2011, August 30). Got the facts on milk [Video file]. Retrieved February 23, 2017

From interviews: People get their information from the TV and the TV says milk is healthy. One women says “they wouldn’t tell you something that’s not true on the TV” ….smoking?
“Advertising is the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it” – Stephen Leacock
When people are asked why Is milk good for you they say everyone is taught as kids that milk gives you strong bones and teeth. People don’t do their own research and never question it
Dairy industry has an annual revenue of 60 billion a year
Marketing budget in 2007 was 17.5 million used for dairy check off programs
Dr. John McDougal – give up dairy over meat b/c milk is like liquid meat. It will give you more problems mostly related to autoimmune disease
There are nutrients in milk you need but you can get it from other sources
We need federal laws to protect citizens from false advertising but dairy has the money and the political control
1988-1993 over 2,700 articles were published dealing with milk and none of the research found dairy to be an excellent food – GI bleeding, asthma, BVL, childhood diabetes, CVD, arthritis, cancer, autoimmune disease
Milk is one of the most common allergens
When asked where you can get calcium one guy said milk and blood from animals. You could also get it from supplements but actually veggies have even more calcium with less calories
The USDA are the same organization that writes the dietary guidelines and protect the interest of agriculture
HHS Food and Nutrition board Institute of medicine and national academies make the DRI then the USDA modifies them into practical guidelines
Committee members have financial ties to the industry – dairy , sugar, eggs
Quote from a song: “they say let the market run the show and let the people go to hell.”
Dairy spent 5 million in lobbying in 2005
Political reform act – an overview public officials should perform duties in an impartial manner – not enforced
Food assistant program are not used to benefit people but to be used a dumping ground for big Ag (WIC, SNAP, prisons, and school lunch program
WIC pushes cheese, dairy and eggs but not fruits and vegetables
NSLP policy – “ensure that there is NO policies in place that have the effect of restricting the sale of or marketing of milk”
These programs are racially bias bc most non-whites cannot digest milk (85 % of whites can)
Cows must give birth and have the baby taken away to have her milk drank by people
Somatic cell count – how much to measure infection on the under – puss cells
<750,000 SCC/ml – US federal state pasteurizing milk ordinance foe SCC. That mean 1 glass of milk has 180 million WBC of puss
rBGH = bovine growth hormone increase milk production. Increase ailments in the cows however bc you are pushing them to produce more milk than is naturally possible.
Michael Taylor was the FDA commissioner wrote the policy to not label the presence of the hormone. He was also a layer for Monsanto
Less dairy farms but 94% more cows per farm making more milk bc of growth hormone
Water pollution regulated but not air pollution. 100 million tons of CH4 a year from caw burps and farts
People that know the research do not have the financial backing like the dairy industy to educate the masses
Hegsted DM – Harvard Medical Scholl, Southborough MA 01772 – 9102, USA great chart of dairy intake and fractures per country
Nurse’s health study also found no benefit for drinking milk and fracture rates
American eat 30 lbs of cheese per year thanks to government programs
In 50 trials of linking dairy to weight loss 45 show no detectable difference. 2 show weight gain and 3 show weight loss. The 3 showing weight loss were funded by big dairy – Michael Zenal
Bureau of commerce protection ruled that dairy needs to discontinue all ads marketing for dairy and weight loss.
The dietitian that represents the dairy industry interviewed in the documentary is an embarrassment to my profession!
I am cow hear me moo – potential name of bill


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