In Chapter 12, Ariely explores the value of public trust. Question: To what extent will a reformed U.S. health care system rely on public trust?
Ariely describes an experiment in which the majority of people walked by a table with a sign advertising “Free Money.” (pp. 252-255) Question: If people wonâ€t take free money because they believe that there must be a catch, or a trick, or a swindle, and if people are distrustful of political points of view (see p. 263), then will U.S. Americans ever believe that they can get a health care system which: (a) covers everyone, (b) costs about half the current system, and (c) delivers better outcomes? Why or why not?
The Getzen textbook grants that health economics is unique, and not reduceable to classic economic models. Youâ€ve learned in this course, and from this text in particular, that U.S. health care economics at times is highly irrational, subjective, and illogical. Question: if health care economics is not explicable by the rational actions of dispassionate consumers seeking their greatest interest, then why are there still incessant cries for market-based health care, and more market, rather than less market?
This book is about behavioral economics. Question: After having read the book, do you think behavioral economics, as explicated by Ariely, is too individualistic? That is, is Arielyâ€s view too narrow, in that he largely explores decisions by individuals, instead of by social groups?
Ariely wrote a book arguing that many economic decisions are based on irrational, oftentimes emotional, drives. Arielâ€s critics would argue that every economic decision, even those that appear irrational, are decisions that benefit the decision-maker. Question: can every economic decision (even those that appear irrational) be rationalized away?

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