Based on class discussion and your readings on writing good valid survey questions, write a 5-7 page survey questionnaire about a topic in public health that interests you. If you are doing a survey for your study in this class it would be logical to do questions you can use in that study.
You should label each question for the type of question it is and if you took if from an existing study please give the citation for the study. Labels should appear adjacent to the question.
a. cover sheet with title that reflects the focus of your questionnaire, name, class and date
b. At least one dichotomous question
c. At least one nominal question
d. At least one ranking question
e. At least one question using a Likert scale
f. At least one question using a semantic differential scale
g. At least one question involving a thermometer scale
h. At least one question involving an interval level scale
i. At least one question involving a ratio level scale

Please upload 1 type of national/ validated survey and/ orquestionnaire used in healthcare research. For example the IPAQ-sf IPAQ-TM.pdf
so, two section to do this HW.


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