Inspired by Pindarâ€s style but praising an individual athlete (sorry,
no teams!) from our contemporary world, write your own brief (ideally,
1–2 page, or 30–50 line) praise poem that includes several of the
stylistic features discussed in class, including (but not limited to):
metaphor, extended similes, mythic paradigms, ascending tricola, topical
references, etc. Regardless of the specific techniques used, students
should attempt to follow Pindar in being most striking when simple words
are arranged in some novel, unexpected, or otherwise compelling way.
Your praise poems may be serious or frivolous – this should be a fun, but also potentially rather awkward, assignment. Regardless of the subject of your poem or the way you praise the honorand, please pursue the chief goal of praise poetry—to make your subject known, memorably and favorably, to others.
In short, do your best to capture the “spirit of Pindar” however you see fit. This may—or may not—include a high poetic register. Play to your own established strengths or strike out in an adventurous new direction.

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