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One of the most common forms of disseminating research within the field of psychology is through poster presentations at conferences. In this assignment, you will be required to create a poster using PowerPoint.

Find an article that you find interesting. This article must

Be a research article that describes at least one study conducted by the researchers
Be printed in a reputable, peer-reviewed, psychology journal in the last 5 years

Download and view the “How to Make a PowerPoint” Guidelines

Download and view the poster examples:

Based on the article you have selected, create a poster that communicates the important information presented in the study. In your poster you must include the following sections:

An Abstract or Introduction

Include all important details – subsections are common



Only include tables, graphs, or findings that you feel are most relevant


Include limitations
Future research


Only include references that you cite in the actual poster

Additional requirements for your poster include:

All font must be in Arial
The poster must be in “landscape” orientation
The poster should be no larger than 48×48 and no smaller than 36×36
The title of the poster must be an appropriate font size (between 50-72)
Section titles must be bolded – font size should be smaller than the title, but larger than the regular text (i.e., between 40-44)
All text in the various subsections (e.g., methods, discussion, etc.) must be an appropriate, readable size – no smaller than 24
Include a 1 inch margin around the poster

In addition to the above requirements, your poster will also be graded on the following criteria:

Overall aesthetic (colors, readability, balance/spacing, etc.)

Be sure to read and use the guides posted on Canvas, and ask your instructor for assistance if you have any questions while you are creating your poster. Have fun!

I already choose an article which is attached in files
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