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  Research Project :Power Point 
After reading the short novel “Animal Farm” (located as a pdf file in Content 1 of D2L), or after viewing the “Animal Farm” movie located in the Unit 4 of D2L, present how “Animal Farm” is similar to 3 various pieces of work that are in the content box (Units 1-4) for example, you can show how “Animal Farm” similar to the “Freedom River” cartoon; how “Animal Farm” is similar to the “The Black Hole”video; how “Animal Farm”similar to the poem “We Wear the Mask”(You can choose readings as well if you wish as long as you use 3 different works). Highlight and explain the similarities you found, one work at a time. You do not have to find connections of all the works together; you are comparing “Animal Farm” to one work at a time. Be as creative as you can. You may choose any one of the following modes to present your similarities: 1.Write a traditional paper, or2. Create a PowerPoint;To clarify, you can use any of the material in Units 1-4 to compare (some suggestions are listed below):1.Think about the poem “We Wear the Mask.” How is the poem similar to the story “Animal Farm?” 2.Think about the messages in the cartoon “Freedom River.” What connections can you make to the story “Animal Farm?”3.Think about what the world can learn from the video “The Black Hole” and how is this similar to the story “Animal Farm?” Make sure you compare 3 different works.
Grading Criteria:1. Proper grammar and mechanics.2. Use specific examples for each work to show the similarities.3. Use 3 different works.4. 2 correctly formatted quotes5. Please note that all papers get turned into Turnitin.com so make sure that you present is yours and not taken from internet sources as plagiarism will lead to failing theclass.


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